Makkelie hard videoarbiter in world cup duels referee Kuipers

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Danny Makkelie is next month at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, one of the thirteen videoarbiters and will countryman Bjorn Kuipers in each race to assist.

Makkelie has a fixed place in Moscow, where the video-arbitrators in a studio to have wedstrijdbeelden of forty cameras. The videoarbiter advises the referee in the field to include goals, red cards or buitenspelsituaties.

“I am very happy with it, because Danny is one of the best videoscheidsrechters of the world. He is always quiet, may things to explain and know the right images to select,” says Kuipers Wednesday against NUsport.

The referee from Oldenzaal, that with his regular assistants Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra for the last time on a world CHAMPIONSHIP flute, think that Makkelie is able him international to follow.

“Danny will after the world cup, must prepare for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2020, but he is not alone. We have more referees in the Netherlands that are heading to be on the elitelijst of the UEFA. At this time Danny is the number one for me to follow, but we have a lot of talent.”


Makkelie sees his role in Russia as a great milestone in his career. “I never had the world cup been if I didn’t like videoscheids case. I am part of “Team Kuipers” and truly look forward to support them. Let’s hope we get great matches drop,” he says.

“I kept in mind that I might, because I am there from the beginning. We have with the Netherlands is a big advantage, because we were the first ones with the videoarbiter started. I have gained a lot of experience and hope that I will be at the world cup.”

Last year at the Confederations Cup, also held in Russia, without the Dutch contribution already tested it with the videoscheidsrechter. Since then, according to Makkelie much has changed.

“A number of things could then better, but since then we have taken steps. We are very much in each other and confidence has grown enormously. I think that we are on the world cup high eyes throw.”


Kuipers hopes to be in Russia for the first time a world cup final to whistle. Four years ago, he was a good chance the crosses, but when he had after three duels to the house because Orange performed well. “The sleepless nights I have not, but sometimes I think: how close we were at that world cup final…”, says Kuipers.

The Dutchman seems to be in that respect an advantage to have at opziche of toparbiters from, for example, Germany and France, countries that did qualify for the world cup. Kuipers is, however, not concerned with that.

“I do not look at other referees. We have but one thing to do and that is the games lead to a good and acceptable level. We are with all the referees have a family and I want others to also perform well.”

Kuipers was previously active at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2012 and 2016, the Champions League final of 2014 and the Europa League finals of 2013 and last season. The world cup begins on 14 June.

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