Madonna’s new music leaked

Earlier this month, joined Madonna at the met Gala with her first single “Beautiful” Game, but the singer is also still busy with another material for their fourteenth studio album. Unfortunately for her, is a large part of this work is not longer a secret. A number of lyrics and other details of its new music is according to The Sun already on the street.


A source tells the newspaper that the album would be very personal and controversial texts. “Madonna is planning its most articulate album ever. They will be furious that these first versions of the material already leaked, even though the intention was to have everything in one blow and to ensure a real shock effect.”

The track Risky Places is about all of the places where the 59-year-old girl like sex would like to have, including a golf course, church, the cellar of her father, a cemetery, and the bedroom of Kendrick Lamar. Madonna also seems to be rapping in this song.

Dos Hermanos is a slow song about two brothers who are separated by immigration. She sings this song partly in Spanish. In Falling Free she looks back on the abortion that she had run when she was young and all the things that she as a child has had to miss.

Also other songs of the album to come, more and more small details to the outside. Says Smartgun the story of a dark boy who was shot by the police and is in Persistance quite often the phrase, ” If you want something, you have to ask for it repeated.

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