Macedonia is with a referendum on name country

SKOPJE – Macedonians may this year in a referendum express an opinion on the possible name change of their country. The plebiscite must be in september or October to take place, said prime minister Zoran Zaev.

Zoran Zaev

Zaev says that the negotiations with Greece over the question “in the last stage”. He refuses to say under which name his country would continue to have to go, “because there is no final agreement”. News site MKD message that more is spoken about the possibility of the country to rename it to “Northern Macedonia”.

The neighbouring countries are already decades in the clinch on the namenkwestie. The squabble started in all its intensity in 1991, when Macedonia is peacefully separated from Yugoslavia and continued as the independent Republic of Macedonia. Greece, that in the north a own region of Macedonia has asked the neighbouring country a different name and all the ambition on gebiedshereniging to let go.

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