Bitcoin, Crypto currency, Blockchain Bavaria sold Kryptos in the value of 12 million euros

Almost a year after the arrest of the operator of the illegal Download portal “read & Listen” ( sold the Bavarian investigative authorities, crypto-currencies to the value of 12 million euros. This is the highest sale of seized digital currencies in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany.

21. June 2017 was read the illegal Download Portal “and Listen to” ( from the Central office Cybercrime Bavaria (ZCB). All found goods the operator has seized and three Suspects taken into custody. The operators were also for the operation of the illegal Darknet stores Hansa Market responsible. was a deceptively real-looking Online-Shop for audiobooks and E-Books. Civil and criminal consequences to come, according to information from a senior Prosecutor Thomas Goger also to the buyer of the black copies, because of the comparatively low prices of the works offered to have the obviously illegal character reflected. Many new E-Books were offered for a few cents. The authorities estimate the number of users to 30,000, who have acquired more than 200,000 different plants. sale process went on for five days

As the General Prosecutor’s office of Bamberg holds in your press release, have recently been currencies of different Crypto to a total value of about EUR 12 million sold. Since, in the view of the authority, all crypto-currencies are exposed to the risk of high price fluctuations or total loss, was arranged by the Central office Cybercrime Bavaria Notveräußerung. Due to the Notveräußerung of the sale prior to the legally valid condemnation of the accused was possible. In a staff – and time-intensive process,a total of 1.312, 49,Bitcoin, 1.399,04 Bitcoin Cash, 1.312, 49 Bitcoin Gold and 220,81 Ether in more than 1,600 individual transactions were sold on a Germany-based trading platform. The entire sale process dragged on for five days. So far, due to the expensive evaluations of the customer and order databases is still unclear when the charges will be. What ultimately happens with the proceeds, you must hold the court in its judgment. The present sale alone served to maintain the value of the seized assets.

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