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Lukaku on Belgian fans: ‘With one applause in 9 years is not all forgotten and forgiven’

The relationship between Lukaku and the Belgian fans remains difficult. Experience Jordan and Romelu that anyway. Also after the applauswissel of Romelu against Saudi Arabia, they find that there is still the noise is on the relationship.

It was Jordan Lukaku which it began. His press conference at the national team was a quarter of an hour before that of his older brother. When a journalist asked the question whether the virtue does that Romelu since the international match against Saudi Arabia on the hands is borne, began to laugh. “Romelu carried on hands? You will find that? That feeling had I not, hear. No, never. He now gets some love because he already at a young age the topschutter of the country. Then everyone must admit that he can. But if you meet many people asks: is Lukaku good? Then they will say: yes, he is doing well, but I have a preference for a… (sigh) That is not bad, hey. But it is so.’

Romelu himself got a little later the words of his brother dished out. ‘Maybe he’s right. I’ve told Jordan once said: see, since our six years, we are all with our backs against the wall. We can only prove and so hard to enjoy.’

But after the applausvervanging in the match against Saudi Arabia is not all forgotten and forgiven between Lukaku and the Belgian public? Romelu Lukaku: ‘After nine years and a first round of applause. Is everything forgotten and forgiven between me and the audience? What concerns me certainly doesn’t. One applause in nine years, then it is not forget and forgive. With a world title? Oh well, we’ll see. I just try as much as possible, to enjoy.”

The criticism of Romelu is clearly sensitive in Jordan. “I do that already, with Romelu since he was sixteen. But you have not loved to be a footballer. It is important that the supporters give everything for the national team. If you don’t for Romelu, then support the team.’

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