Lilly Becker defends Boris after devastating column

Lilly Becker has now also on social media reacted after she and Boris Tuesday via an official statement to their proposed separation public made. That a columnist her husband just natrapt, they are painful and let them know also.

Lilly Becker is the father of her son still deserves respect

On Instagram Stories placed Lilly on Tuesday first, a photo from a plane. “Home”, she wrote at the aerial view of her home city of London. Together with Boris Becker, and their joint son Amadeus she lives there at this time in a villa in the district of Wimbledon.

But the man that she leaves, it is in this uneasy time at home. The tennisicoon is in Paris, where he was Eurosport expert at the French stadium, Court Philippe-Chatrier comments on tennis tournament Roland Garros.

And the living legend deserves more respect than Bild columnist Franz Josef Wagner him expresses, Lilly. Who writes in his column that Boris ’ever big as all gods’ now after all the scandals surrounding his divorces, tax evasion and miljoenenschulden ’by the gods cursed it seems’. “Why?”, ask the future ex. “He is still the father of my son and a German idol. Please Stop.”

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