Liège-shooter was on Monday with the psychiatrist

LIÈGE – The father of Benjamin Herman, who is in Liège, with three people killed and also a murder committed, the deeds of his son does not believe. Monday he got the Herman jr. out of prison, then seemed to be ’no problem’.

Benjamin H. on camera in Liège.

“Monday, I go get in the prison. After I picked him up, I take him to the psychiatrist conducted in Names,” says the father to It.

Nothing seemed that Herman a day later to his atrocities would come. “He has here in the garden, time spent with the children, he has played with them and he is even ice cream.”

The father had the news about his son not initially believe. “I have no television, but soon people began to talk.” When the police at his door was, he knew the seriousness of the situation was. Many details, he did not. “I was still behind the police car away.”


Herman was, like his brother, notorious in his home town of Rochefort. “That was two fools, dangerous lunatics,” says a neighbor to l’avenir. Another suggests that they were already all their life problems with drugs and violence’ have’.

Also his cousin is hardly complimentary. “Benjamin was often in the juvenile detention, on and off. And then in the common prison.”

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