Les Touristes rotate pictures on festivaltreinen

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The beats on the Party Train to Rock Werchter, Dour and Pukkelpop this year will be provided by Les Touristes, a group of ten man dj-organization that the ordinary railway carriages in an instant into a moving festival grounds. “We will do everything from the cabinet to the travellers in the right mood”, it sounds to Ludvic Simoens, better known as dj LDVC.

Les Touristes will be a total of three dj’s commissioner to the Party Trains. And although their roots are especially in the electronic music, there will also be a solid piece of improvisation. “We are preparing a set of never completely from A to Z for. Only the beginning and the end is fixed, everything that intervenes, is still open. We decide that kind of things like in the moment,” said Ludvic.

In total, they will still, with three djs on call for the festival to stir up. “A festival begins as soon as you get home the door to close behind you pulls. And we will do our best to festivalkoorts on the road only to rise”, sounds.

Of enthusiasm there is certainly no lack. Two years ago it was a co-dj of Ludvic, Steve Slight, the festival audience is already warming up in the train, but for him it is the first time. “There will be a professional installation, but it is not yet sure what the special effects coming out of the closet will be able to get. So that is still just as exciting to wait and see. But I look forward. Whether you’re playing for a thousand men at a festival or for a hundred men in a train: the atmosphere is always the most important thing.”

In atmosphere, make his Les Touristes anyway specialist. So played they have been on big festival stages at home and abroad, and convert them this summer with Les Touristes Outdoor also their own festival on its feet in Willebroek. “We organize events and parties at different locations. In Belgium, but also abroad. Last winter for example, we have several parties organised in Alpe d’huez.” Swing festival-goers have been warned.

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