Led Zeppelin-guitarist in to clinch with Robbie Williams

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Jimmy Page is against the construction of a swimming pool under the house of his neighbour Robbie Williams. The former guitarist of Led Zeppelin said that the necessary excavation work are catastrophic for his monumental house in West London.

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Jimmy Page takes on Robbie Williams

The local authorities in the administration area of Kensington and Chelsea have the final decision on the matter postponed, reports the BBC. Page says very satisfied: “I think that delay is a very good conclusion.”

Both superstars arguing since 2013 when Robbie the pied-a-terre bought in addition to that of the Led Zeppelin guitarist. Page (74) has lived there since 1972 and has previously filed objections against the plans that the 44-year-old Robbie had. Robbie Williams served in January his plans in the municipality to a cellar under his house to build for the benefit of a swimming pool and sports facilities.

Jimmy Page will be house in West London always protect

’New threat’

Page protesting a notice of two pages. He calls his home inside one of the most historic buildings in the British capital. “After more than forty years the tower house to have protected, I put now the battle continues against a new threat to this precious and unique building,” writes Page.

Page also attended the meeting, at which Williams’ request for the building permit was discussed by municipal officials. He told the congregation that he it his duty to feel part of the house to protect. The commission decided the decision to postpone in order to better to find out what conditions and regulations the planning application from Robbie Williams to meet.

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