’Kluivert and The Is must be their own choice to make’

be9350b00ec3753bd2fd26bd98aa59d0 - ’Kluivert and The Is must be their own choice to make’

Nathan Aké will have a team-mate in Orange those aces on a transfer or want to catch up, but do not advise. “Everyone should be his own choice. It is something very personal.”

Justin Kluivert

He walked away from the youth of ADO, Feyenoord, Chelsea and campervan hires at Watford and Bournemouth eventually with a toptransfer for almost 23 million euros from Chelsea to Bournemouth makes Aké someone who players like Justin Kluivert and Matthijs de ligt can call to seek advice.

“The one is ready for order at the age of 18 to leave the Netherlands, the other does not. Something you can from the outside does not determine”, according to Aké. “As a player you have to yourself to listen and your feelings follow. For me, it has worked out very well, but that provides for a different no guarantee.”

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