Kim Kardashian attends Trump for drugsdelict

Kim Kardashian visit Wednesday, the White House in Washington for a meeting with Donald Trump. Kim speaks to the American president about the reform of the criminal law. Kardashian and her lawyer Shawn Holley have the meeting, according to Vanity Fair for months in preparation.

Kim will visit Trump

Kim Kardashian, wife of rapper and Trump-supporter Kanye West, asks Trump to pardon to Alice Johnson, a 62-year-old woman who is already 21 years in a prison in Alabama is for a drugsdelict. The realityster has attracted the fate of the detainee.

Kim has the reception in the White House thanks to Ivanka Trump, the daughter and personal advisor of the American president. Kim put the case of Johnson last year on the map by on Twitter to pay attention to the situation of women in 1997 to life in prison was sentenced for money laundering and drug-related crime. Alice wrote Kim a letter for her unbridled commitment.

Kanye West met Trump before he is to be president of the United States was elected. That was in New York in the Trump Tower.

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