Joris Luyendijk is Sylvia Witteman on

Journalist Joris Luyendijk has Wednesday on Twitter hard out at Volkskrant-columnist Sylvia Witteman. Witteman stated in a column in the newspaper that the new book by author Mano Bouzamour “only issued because he is a migrantenkind is”.

Joris Luyendijk

Luyendijk, use replication on Twitter the statement of Witteman with the note that this is like “say that Witteman only a column in the Volkskrant since her husband was there as editor-in-chief. You go ashamed to say.” Philippe Remarque, the partner of Witteman, since 2010 editor-in-chief of the Volkskrant. Witteman is one of the regular columnists.

The new book of Bouzamour, Bestsellerboy, tells about a boy of the street that has only one dream: the literary world storm. But if he breaks through, his parents had him out of the house and he is by his friends disowned. The novel received varying reviews.

Sylvia Witteman and her partner, Volkskrant editor-in-chief Philippe Remarque.

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