Jennifer Berton sings for charity

689859f30c3c24b766c9c2151e74e670 - Jennifer Berton sings for charity

The Flemish singer Jennifer Berton has a new single. “Ave Maria” is for Jennifer Berton a very special recording, there is a deeper meaning. In 2012, the grandmother of Jennifer to die, this when Jennifer was on vacation. As a tribute to her grandmother wrote Jennifer, the text to this song. This version was never released, but this is changing now. Jennifer had a good reason for the song to bring out and link the release to do well: VZW Saying Goodbye, an association that rouwkampen holds to people an unexpected loss to help process. They recognized the story of Jennifer and asked whether they ambassador wanted to be part of this ASSOCIATION. This single wants to help the suffering of all the people to soften that a loved one is lost, everyone may recognize this. Jennifer takes you into her emotions and show that they are an artist is that different styles can handle. The proceeds from the single will go entirely to VZW Goodbye. ( for info about the organization : )

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