Jamie Foxx playing Spawn in the film adaptation of the novel

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Jamie Foxx will be in the shoes of the comic book character Spawn, based on the stories of comic book artist Todd McFarlane. The “oscar” Italian will play the leading role in the film adaptation of the comics from the nineties, about a murdered CIA agent who in the hell the offer gets to take his wife back to see if he has a so-called Hellspawn warrior. When he returns to earth, he finds out that his wife remarried with his best friend. At that point he decides it is evil to combat.

“One of the scariest films are those where the villain is not talk,” says McFarlane to Deadline. “It confuses people because by the stripheldenindustrie think everyone Captain America. I then tell them: “No think of John Carpenter’s The Thing or Hitchcock. This is not a man in a costume. At the end of the film, I hope that the audience says, this is a spirit that turns into a man, or a man who turns into a ghost?”

McFarlane also reveals going to be a Spawn trilogy. McFarlane wrote the role for Jamie Foxx years ago and the actor is very happy to participate in the project. “A few years ago I flew to Arizona to get the man to meet behind one of the most amazing superheroes in the universe,” says Jamie. “He was surprised that I was so excited as a child was to Spawn to be allowed to play. I told him that no one harder to work than if I got the chance… and now is the chance here! I am happy and ready to transform… time to shine.”

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