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IOTA: Trinity Wallet Beta Release is ready for Download

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The Hype and euphoria, as well as the necessity of a smoothly functioning IOTA Wallets is greater than ever before. Yesterday, IOTA, the IOTA Trinity Wallet Beta Version is available for Download and can be tested. We have downloaded the Wallet, and the surface viewed.

IOTA has announced via a blog post and on Twitter that the Beta Version of the Trinity Wallets can be downloaded for both IOS and for Android.

Some users reported an error that the Software cannot be downloaded. In our Android device, the Download works as well as the Installation. The creation of Seeds, as well as the pressure of the Seeds as a paper wallet went smoothly.

The new surface, we find very chic and clearly designed. In the case of the establishment of the Wallets we were able to feel the influence of the new data protection regulation, as we must read a wide variety of conditions and for the use accept.

At this point, it should be noted that it is still a Beta Version, so this is not error-checked and extensively tested.

In the Dashboard, after Opening the App, the price of IOTA is shown, as well as other important indicators such as market capitalization, the change in the rate and the volume of trade.

Safety the IOTA Foundation is important, therefore, to the IOTA Foundation has taken the following steps (freely translated):

We have subjected the Trinity, then 2 external Reviews, threat modelling and a safety audit to ensure maximum security for our users.

The Trinity Wallet is an Alternative to the IOTA Light Wallet, that, in part, as something flawed in the application. Trinity is so far only as a mobile Wallet available, the desktop version should follow soon. Here are the two Links to Download the wallet:



The rates IOTA, responded positively to the Release and shows a price increase of 17.72 in percent within the last 24h on a price of 1.39€. The market capitalisation increases to € 3.8 billion and can overtake in 9 of the largest crypto currencies preliminaries and TRON.

Whether the positive Trend was only a short rash on the Trinity Releases or is sustainable, will show the next days and weeks.

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