Greeks strike against austerity policies

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ATHENS – Many Greeks have Wednesday the work laid out in protest against the harsh austerity policies of the government. That resulted in problems with the ferry services, air traffic, and regional transport. The public administration and the schools kept the doors closed. Doctors in the staatsziekenhuizen treated only emergencies.

Because journalists were on strike, were on radio and tv, no news. Those on the height would remain of the events in the world was dependent on Greek-Cypriot or foreign language channels.

Around noon in the centre of Athens, an estimated 8,000 people to the streets to demonstrate. “No wage cuts must, not fired, slaves are we not in the 21st century”, was, inter alia, on the placards read. The demonstration was quite peaceful. A place to put the police used tear gas to prevent a group of two hundred peace activists would advance to the building of the association of Greek industries.

’Protest against bezuinigingspolitiek’

The large trade unions, both from the private and from the public sector, the strike was announced, in a joint statement: “We protest against the bezuinigingspolitiek, the high tax burden and unemployment.” Greeks are estimates that since 2010, more than a quarter of their income lost.

Prime minister Alexis Tsipras showed understanding for their dissatisfaction, but called on the citizens to have patience. The solution of the financial crisis could still take some time, and the improvement of the situation does not go from today to tomorrow, ” he said. Athens hopes after the summer, need to have sufficient confidence regained independently on the capital market can.

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