Giel Beelen hopes ever father to be

Giel Beelen hopes to ever have children with his girlfriend Nicolien.

“I absolutely have a desire to have children,” says the radio dj at Story. “Father seems to me to be beautiful. Only should you be awarded.”

The 41-year-old Mother, whose friend, twelve years younger, has, however, not in a hurry. “But the idea that one day I as a father by the life go, appeals to me enormously.”

A marriage is there, however, is not. “Nicolien and I are together, very happy and have the intention to always have to stay together. But that does not for me with a boterbriefje to be sealed. I think that’s pretty outdated. You can also be married and pronounce you want to stay.”

With his ex Marisa Heutink married Mother three times in the foreign countries (Jamaica, Mexico and Las Vegas), but the two had the marriage never ratify in the Netherlands.

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