Gay couple living molested by Turkish onderburen

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Schaarbeek – A homokoppel in Schaarbeek is in the street severely beaten by Turkish onderburen, and a large group of sympathetic bystanders.

A homokoppel was beaten up by Turkish neighbors; that they were encouraged by their mother.

The Belgian pair have reported to the police. Also on Facebook does Jeroen’s story. “Best Facebook Friends. Such posts will I don’t often post, but yesterday is a day that for the rest of my life etched into my memory. Not that I have never before seen aggression against PD’s, homo’s, queers, but this time it was nature of a different nature.”


“It was physical, it was public for the whole street, it was embarrassing, painful, frustrating, and above all: were my Turkish onderburen. Oldest brother, youngest brother, daddy and even mama, who their sons to the driving to us even just a little bit harder to save than the second before.”

“The first part of the decommissioning, I was standing there alone. Dozens of spectators… I screamed for help, without having to be physically. The first time that this had happened to me, I know that I cannot fight back. But he remains doormotten.”

“The end of my agony is in sight when a handful of immigrant spectators him from me to pick up. Homophobic remarks are me to head to the thrown”.

“In part two is my hero, my friend, that since a month with me inwoont. He tries to help me, in vain. He undergoes the same aggression, verbally and physically. A group of six is chasing him in the streets, luckily he can escape.”

“A passer-by on a bike that the whole sensational to happen listened to them, says to me that I never had to come to live better and would move on. That I will just do it. PS.: Oh, and just mention that the largest aggressor with his gehandicaptenkaart stood to wave to the police”, concludes Jeroen.

The Brussels state secretary for Equal Opportunities, Bianca Debaets responding indignantly on Twitter.

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