Freeman is demanding apologies and rectification CNN

Morgan Freeman has, through his lawyer, demanded that CNN apologised. Also like the actor that the television station a correction publishes. CNN reported first that at least eight women, the actor is accusing of harassment and sexual harassment, but Freeman denies all the allegations.

“It is clear that CNN mr. Freeman has slandered”, as stated in the letter that the lawyer neighbour. “CNN has his reputation and career seriously damaged. CNN should at least immediately, to rectify and to apologise to mr Freeman through the same channels and with the same degree of attention that it used to be him mistakenly to attack,” said the lawyer.

“I am astonished that eighty years of my life in an instant threatens to be undermined by these messages,” said Freeman earlier in a response, in which he denies that he is ignoble to have worn. “I also want to be clear: I do not have unsafe work environments created. I have no women attacked. I have no job or promotion is offered in exchange for sex. Every suggestion that I made, is completely incorrect.”

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