Female characters for the “Star Wars” more at

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A new analysis of the ‘Star Wars’movies suggests that women’s financial interassanter for the creators of the franchise. The ranking of the movies that make the most money, muster, turns out to correspond to the list of films that more time amount to proper level award to female characters. That writes entertainmentmagazine Indiewire today.

The latest ‘Star Wars’movies focused significantly more than their predecessors, elaborated female characters: princess Leia, was more than ever present and we saw new stars as Rey, Rose and Captain Phasma on the big screen.

That ‘feminization’ has the makers to no avail because laid, as appears from an examination of Becca Harrison, filmdocente in the Scottish city of Glasgow. They proposed a ranking of all the ‘Star Wars’movies, based on the percentage of time amount to proper level that the female characters for their account. Especially the latest movies are female oriented: ‘The Last Jedi’ from 2017 with 43% in the first place, followed by ‘The Force Awakers’ from 2015 (37%), and ‘Rogue One’ from 2016 with 35%. That are also the best three earners in the franchise.

For comparison: A New Hope’, the first ‘Star Wars’film from 1977, is only 15% female.

Or the higher yield of the later movies really due to their higher ‘vrouwengehalte’, is of course impossible to say for sure – that would be too short-sighted. Harrison’s research suggests, however, that there are more than just random chance in the game.

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