FC Twente rush: “Everything in the right order’

Since the degradation of a month ago is surprisingly still remained around FC Twente. There was the good news that the club from Enschede now close to 16,000 season tickets, the man has brought and that the major sponsors of the club have remained faithful, but on voetbalvlak is still not at all clear how the new FC Twente will look like.

Interim technical director Evert Bleuming.

That uncertainty has Danny Holla cause do decide to make use of a clause in his contract, making him the transfervrije status has been given. “I had to for June 1, a decision as to whether I wanted to go at FC Twente, but I found that I such a decision could not take, because there is still so much unclear. I don’t know who the trainer is and who the technical director is, and I think that is important,” said Holla, who have the option open at a later stage, still with FC Twente to the table.

Evert Bleuming, that, as an interim technical director serves, has understanding for the choice of Holla. “I can understand that he thinks so. Now he has his hands free and so are we,” said Bleuming, indicating that there is behind the scenes hard at work on the new FC Twente. “It is important to have everything in the right order to do it. As we now all players start picking up, while there is still no technical director, and not yet a trainer is appointed, then you create problems. The order is that we first need a technical director to appoint, and then a trainer, then we have the selection to go together.”

Ted van Leeuwen is the proposed new technical director of FC Twente. Is expected to be about short-term clarity. Marino Pusic at this time is the best paper to also in the coming season trainer. Except Holla is the degradation also captain Stefan Thesker press conference. He also does not exclude, at a later stage again with FC Twente to the table.

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