Farfán (Peru) as a deep striker to world cup

Peru has a last some players in his own country of Scotland in Lima with 2-0 records.

Farfán scored for Peru.

For Peru made Christian Cueva and ex-PSV’Jefferson Farfán the goals. Farfán played for the change is not to the right but as a central striker, the place where formerly his good friend Paolo Guerrero was. That is, however, suspended due to violation of the doping rules. The Peruvians are there for the first time since 1982, again at a world cup. The team of coach Ricardo Gareca will now travel to Europe where is still being practiced against Saudi Arabia and Sweden.

Panama, in Russia, debuting at a football world cup, said goodbye to the own fans with a 0-0-tie against Northern Ireland. Panama exerts against Norway.

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