Fans send mother Gerard Joling jewelry to

Now the mother of Gerard Joling has been robbed of all her jewelry, put fans of the singer her a heart under the belt. They send her jewellery on, so they yet again what has.

That tells Gerard in Shownieuws. “I’ll get it all sent in of everyone. People who have a necklace or a bracelet to send in, or I don’t know what. Also those people: thank you for the sympathy. A lot of crazy.”

Geer will his mother also be pampered with the necessary bling-bling, so he promises: “They will get me a few nice chains and bracelets, is quite good.”

According to the singer, she is now again about the scare. “She has the night and again slept well. She slept, of course, not only, Cor is, of course, to her, her friend. It’s all good to me, so I’m glad about that.” However, Jannie locks, replacement of her home and there is a new alarm installed.

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