Excelsior choose for physio as head coach

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In the search for a successor for the departed Mitchell van der Gaag has Excelsior definitively chosen for Adrie Poldervaart. The new appointed head coach has been active for years as a physiotherapist at the club of Kralingen, but he also made a name as head coach of the clubs from the amateur.

Adrie Poldervaart

For Poldervaart, who recently released his top trainer holds, it means his debut in professional football. ,,This is for me a chance out of thousands. I have a lot of experience as a trainer, in July it will be exactly twenty years ago that I, as a trainer/player started at OHVV. I have always held that I as a trainer in professional football started going wild, so I am of course also going to do,” he says on the club.

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Its two practices as a physiotherapist, he must now give up. ,,You know you are then no longer able to return as a physiotherapist. I had so, think about it.’

The challenge as a head coach in professional football started, he could not let go of. ,,Working at a professional football club, with a good management and at the highest level, that is what I as a trainer would. If you take that chance than get, especially for a club like Excelsior, however, intervene? For me, it is not strange that I now have a different role to get, I’m myself also not behave differently. I just keep the same Adrie Poldervaart.’

Technical director Ferry de Haan has with the stakeholders are well thought of. ,,,But the main thing is that we told him the qualities may be ascribed that we have in a head coach search. From 30 June, as the first training is scheduled, we will him as head coach going rate and then he will also have to prepare. His work as a physiotherapist may belong to the past.’

Poldervaart seems not to be a first choice. ,,After Mitchell had managed to leave, we have three possible candidates spoken. For various reasons, that was all. We then went looking for someone with the same skills, but with less experience in the field of professional football.”


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