EU parliament demands action against ’golden visa’

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STRASBOURG – There should be measures against the use of so-called ’golden visa’ in the EU. The European Parliament wants the rules for the ’sale’ of residence permits, visas and passports in a large number of member states to rich foreigners in return for tons and sometimes pay millions.

Sophie in ‘t Veld (D66) in the plenary hall of the European Parliament in Brussels.

The parliament is especially concerned about the lack of transparency about the origin of those sums of money, which may in this way be whitewashed. In addition, people with right of residence and travel freely through the EU. Some member states, including Malta, Cyprus and Portugal, and recruit targeted outside the EU, making them millions of results.

“We are putting the red carpet out for, for example, wealthy Russian or Chinese oligarchs and criminals who somewhere their money trying to park”, argued Sophie in ‘t Veld (D66), rapporteur on the dossier, during a debate in Strasbourg. She wants an end to “by the states may be created corruption and money laundering.”

’Real enough’

Several member states provide residence rights or citizenship in exchange for large investments in real estate or government bonds. In the Netherlands, in 2016, the law has been amended that the non-EU-citizens than for 1.25 million euros made possible via real estate to a residence permit. Now, only if for that amount in a company is invested in employment opportunities or innovations will generate.

“A expensive apartment buy or let you register as a resident of a petrol station on an island where you never will is what concerns us really is insufficient for a residence status in the EU”, says Jeroen Lenaers (CDA). He calls for a ban on the sale of passports, and for minimum requirements for golden visa.

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