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EOS: safety gaps set Mainnet Launch in question

19e479b17190c2b42895fe1c6acba395 - EOS: safety gaps set Mainnet Launch in question

The Chinese security company 360 seems to have found a number of vulnerabilities in the EOS infrastructure. In connection with the recently issued a warning against Phishing emails these are not optimal conditions for the Launch of the Mainnets.

From the looks of it, is the EOS platform is currently (still) not quite tight. The Chinese security company 360, announced at least. On Weibo, the Chinese Twitter-Equivalent, “security vulnerabilities of epic proportions”. This can lead, according to the Weibo Post, you can run arbitrary Code on the EOS-Nodes. Such attacks can ultimately lead to an attacker could take over all of the Nodes on EOS.

This would, ultimately, have serious consequences: Not only data and privacy settings, but also the Token itself could be stolen with such an attack. The security company 360, according to a person in charge of the EOS network have indicated that the Mainnet to stay as long as under lock and key, until the security holes had been fixed.

Second safety gap in a short period of time

About safety concerns in the case of EOS we reported recently. Thus, Block potential Phishing attacks via E-Mail. The EOS Team had set in the meantime, the Support, as you had suspected, that the attackers had to get through the Zendesk platform, access to the E-Mail distribution of the EOS.

Are the current safety concerns at the time of publication no official Statement. The security concerns were confirmed by the EOS Team so far, nor denied. The impact on the Launch of the Mainnet will remain so for the time being, to be seen.

The EOS network is a vertical and horizontal scaling of distributed applications. For the internal processing of the network works here with an ERC-20-Token on the Ethereum block Chain. The EOS course is currently 10,24 euros per Token. This means that the price for the day yesterday with a loss of 2.09 percent. He also has to cope with a weekly loss of almost four percent, for a monthly loss Rate of nearly 41 percent. The all-time high of the course was on 29. April 19,55 euros.

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