Dutch in fear in Nicaragua: “Everyone expected war’

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MANAGUA – Dutch people in Nicaragua feel threatened by the out of control violence against protesters who want to get rid of the left-wing dictator Daniel Ortega. ,,Everyone expected a war,’ fear Joost that the colonial city of Granada, within a few weeks saw a change from a tourist trap in a battlefield.

With torture against students, mortierbommen on squares and sharp artillery against demonstrators trying the former revolutionary leader Ortega in the saddle. But the failure of a national dialogue between the government and protesters to do the Dutch fear for their future in the Central American country.

The situation is getting awkward that fellow countrymen with whom The Telegraph spoke even their last name not be published want to see, out of fear for reprisals from the dictatorial regime. One of them is Peter, who just outside of Managua lives and his wife daily to the besieged capital.

Large iron rod

,,It is not familiar to her, only to let it go. We sat down with the adrenaline in our bodies in the car. Next to me lies a large iron rod. If there is someone that the car jumps, then I know one thing: I give gas.’

In mid-april went to the elderly to the streets in anger over the announced reduction of the pensions. Then showed Ortega his youth movement Juventud Sandinista to the oldies beat. Then, when the students protested, was the fence of the dam.

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,,The students will want one thing: the couple Ortega must go,’ says Pim, who is already ten years in the province of residence. He recognizes the dictatorial steps that Ortega has taken. So everything is now black and painted red, the colors of his party Sandinistisch National liberation front (FSLN). ,,If you, for example, in the hospital want to work, you must be a member of the party.’


Ortega’s strategy now seems to be to create chaos. Gangs of released prisoners and Sandinista youth found fire on universities and looting shops. Then appears the police unceremoniously students off to the right, while the gangs of the regime are that cause trouble. Demonstrators throw as a reaction anywhere barricades.

In the confrontations fell all eighty dead, and probably more. ,,Ortega competes on chaos’, hear Joost of Nicaraguans to him. ,,The violence is every day more violent. The government hopes for a violent response from demonstrators that the army can use to get the power back to intervene.’ Also, Amnesty International concluded this week that the police shoot to kill.


Ortega shuns even the gruesome torture that’s not where the regime of Anastasio Somoza, as notoriously, the regime where Ortega as a rebel in the seventies against moisture. Peter: ,,Cuesta El Plomo is the place where the Somoza regime numerous opponents murdered. Saturday was the body of a young student found. Heavily tortured. That symbolism is a warning against the demonstrators.’

Despite the uitzichtsloze situation can’t be any countryman road. ,,My son lives here. It is not easy to go to Holland,’ says Pim. ,,I make sure I have sufficient food and fuel in the house.’ From Granada, consider Joost to quickly leave. Or by taxi or by plane to Costa Rica. Tourists are no longer.

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