Duo did Grenfell-victims

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LONDON – Two illegal immigrants have for the court in London admitted that they converted more than 140,000 euros to expenses reimbursed have been to pretend to be victims of the disastrous fire in the London Grenfell Tower. The two, both 51, lived, among other, about three quarters of a year at the expense of the community at a hotel in the Kensington district, reported the BBC.

The two Jamaicans who are already sixteen years is illegal in Britain to stay. They claimed that they are in a ruined apartment on the nineteenth floor lived. Except the hotel rooms, they were a credit card from the local government where they have thousands of euro’s expenditure. Apparently someone discovered that they have a wrong floor had given up and came to the deception to light. The two get on June 13, their punishment is to hear.

By the fire in the tower block came in June last year 71 people.

Previous conviction

Earlier a man was sentenced to 21 months in prison and who had claimed that his wife and son were killed in the fire in the London skyscraper. He had about 11.300 euros in aid money received for his false claim.

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