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Dominik Schiener and IOTA – contribution in the ZDF

As we announced in our last IOTA course analysis, was published today in the ZDF morning magazine in a post about the IOTA, the Internet of things and the vision of the future of the machine economy.

From our point of view, the two and a half minute contribution is very well done and worth seeing, even if he fails due to the tight time limit rather superficial.

In particular, non-technical users and newbies is the contribution from our point of view, a good Overview and insight into the technology and the objectives of IOTA.

The most interesting statements from the Interview of Dominik Schiener at a glance:

“In ten years we will see IOTA as the spinal cord of the Maschinenökonmie. We want to make it possible that machines pay each other, through these IOTA Standard.“

“A good example is Facebook, which 1000-2000 per year (note. the editors: per user) with your data deserves. We allow that the whole value chain of the data that comes to the actual data owners. This means that you will be in the future able to your data to make money.“

Dominik Schiener, source:

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