Diane Kruger is pregnant

The movie star and her boyfriend Norman Reedus are looking for a house together.

Actress Diane Kruger is pregnant with her boyfriend, Norman Reedus, say sources from Us Weekly.

Kruger shared last week a picture of herself with a footprint emoji on Instagram, causing many rumors arose.

The speculations began at the Cannes Film Festival, where the German chose to have large, oversized outfits to attract instead of the usual tight clothing that you see on the red carpet.

Kruger and the Walking Dead star Reedus had a relationship last year, and made it known when they as a couple appeared at the Golden Globes in January. It won Tons of film In the Fade a prize for the best foreign film.

The two met when they worked together on the film Sky. When had Diane still has a relationship with actor Joshua Jackson. Reedus already has an 18-year-old son from a previous marriage with supermodel Helena Christensen.

Sources also say that the two together are a house search, after Kruger’s apartment to purchase.

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