David Vandyck makes no compromises, and more

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On a musical level, will David Vandyck’s no compromise anymore. It is now already two years ago that he was still a solosingle released. This had a clear reason. The singer was in silence after thinking about what he wanted to do, he said, in Ment on Sunday. After two years we can see the result and how! This week he ended up after four weeks of listing on the number 5 in the Flemish Ultratop 50 with the new single “I live for you”.

Now David Vandyck single still music where its heart is. He should be there now for the full one hundred percent behind.
In 2011, David was a big chance of CNR, for which he is still grateful. He began as schlagerartiest, but that is where his heart actually is not. The pivot point in his career was the album “David Vandyck singing Will Tura”. Now the singer is under new management, a different record label and, of course, a new style of music. This means even in that his hairstyle changed, and he other wears. David is more aware of how he is on stage. In short, there is a clear transformation is visible, which is clearly over the line catches on with the fans.

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