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Curaizon wants to help national health authorities to save with Ilfe of the Blockchain technology, life

3fca0b3400aacc8f536889e414d42a5b - Curaizon wants to help national health authorities to save with Ilfe of the Blockchain technology, life

National health services play an important role in improving, extending and saving lives. In many areas, including cancer, Asthma and Diabetes, have improved the health of patients under their care, dramatically. Unfortunately, major challenges remain.

One of these challenges is to ensure that patients take their medicines correctly. It is widely reported that over 50% of adults who receive multiple treatments for long term illnesses, stick to your recipes, sometimes with deadly consequences.

Curaizon, a pioneer in the medical Adherence technologies has developed a unique and comprehensive solution that addresses adherence to medication for the Benefit of patients, healthcare providers and medical researchers, including pharmaceutical companies.

According to a study by Global Health Care Outlook, which was carried out in 2017, Deloitte, increase Non-adherence medication health costs worldwide of around USD 700 billion. Curaizons technologies to comply with the medicine aim to reduce health spending and waste, and the medical research, in order to increase the speed and the development of new and better drugs. The Curaizon Ecosystem includes three major components: CuraServe ™, CuraView ™ and CuraData ™.

CuraServe is a patient / physician interface solution with two Dashboards, one for patients and one for healthcare providers. The patient Dashboard to remind the user in mind, take your medication on time, and allows you to set reminders for prescription medications such as vitamin supplements or anti-baby pills to add. These patients are also able to monitor themselves within their peer group and to measure. CuraServe gives the patient the control and makes you an active people for your own care.

The Healthcare-Provider Dashboard provides Doctors, nurses and other authorized caregivers real-time access to your patients ‘ liability, and your well-being. The information provided will enable you to monitor your most vulnerable values accurately and decide on the basis of the actual data on the best course of action. For the first Time, healthcare providers can be useful in the treatment and care of your patients to be proactive rather than reactive. The CuraServe data produced can be queried by the national health services, in order to optimize the performance of the services.

CuraView is a high-level report and information platform, which will be modernised and existing legacy systems for health integrated. It offers both individual and cumulative patient data to create meaningful reports, the problems in different patient segments to identify. Of drugs on disease, demographics and multi-morbidity the national health services now have a detailed Overview of the successes and failures within the system.

CuraData brings together the CuraServe collected and anonymised data on the demographic and medical data of the patient in real-time. If more and more data are collected, improves the quality of the data set with the anonymity of the data is ensured. With the use of the Blockchain, the security, transparency and immutability of medical data can be ensured, as the data are secured by encryption in Cloud services is stored, wherein the access by the corresponding rules is limited.

Curaizons CEO, Nicholas Rumble,

CuraData plays a crucial role in increasing the usefulness of our Tokens. In addition to the data created by CuraServe, can enrich the data users by Adding your own information.

As data scientists, scientists, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies use their own data with our data, overlap (based on a reward system), is the data growing in functionality and Use, as more and more patients and health services technology. The more active the transactions and the cooperation between the actors are, the greater the Benefit that you as a Token-holder can achieve, and the more attractive the Ecosystem.

By using this new and unique sources of information health care providers can also take timely and proactive measures for the Benefit of the patients. Of course, this will increase the efficiency of national health services.

As with all the other advantages of the block-based technologies Curaizon the decryption of the value of the data and the solution of interoperability problems, not only help to reduce inefficiencies in national health services, but also help to save lives.

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