Couple after 50 years together again

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On Thursday 31 may the oldest interviewee of Luk Alloo her entry in Alloo and Love. The 87-year-old Annie is 30 years old married with Jules. 17 years ago he died, but Annie remains eternally faithful, even after death separated them. Since his death, she changed nothing in their interior, even his clothes are still in the closet. “There is a smell I can agree to,” says Annie. “I’m not saying that the other man would not work, but I can and will Jules will not be replaced.”

Also Erik and Viviane seem made for each other. They got a taste of that in 1962. Then they met each other at the christmas ball and immediately struck the spark. The young couple – She was 17, Erik 19 – spoke after school secretly, or with friends at home, and every day wrote one of them a letter. “We had a whole circuit of friends of the tram, went home, and they were the postmen of our letters.” At the end of a foreign trip got Erik a cold shower. He had agreed with Viviane, but it was a friend of her that came up to the break to announce. Viviane had trouble with the long periods that they visit each other sometimes have not seen, and asked to prompt all her love letters back, as was the custom in the ’60s. After a life with another man, and meanwhile, 50 years later, she found the letters back in the kitchen. “I’m still an iPad and wi-fi purchased, but it is still quite a long time before I a mail was send”. How they him found, how Erik responded, or he was married, and what happened to the love letters happened, tells the torque in Alloo and Love.

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