Commission wants 12 million Europeans on Erasmus to send

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L’auberge Espagnole, about a French erasmus students in Barcelona.

If the of the Commission depends, is the exchange programme for students, ‘the big winner’ in the next budget.

A doubling of the budget to 30 billion euro. That amount slides to the European Commission in the next European multi-annual budget forward for the Erasmus programme. “This goes to the essence of a Europe without borders”, said vice-president Jyrki Katainen. Through Erasmus, we give our young people more opportunities.’

If the European Parliament and the member states agree with this proposal, there would be between 2021 and 2027 to 12 million Europeans on Erasmus, can go: three times as much as under the current six-year programme. It comes to pupils, students, teachers, youth workers, sports coaches and young people that vocational training and internship wants to walk in another EU country.

More control

The participants will now be stronger be sent in future-oriented fields of study, such as design, artificial intelligence, climate change and renewable energy.

It is also subject to this proposed budget: the initiative DiscoverEU that 18-year-olds the opportunity to offer a free ticket for a few weeks, the ‘European cultural heritage and diversity ” to discover.

The Commission urges again that there for the European elections of 2019, an agreement would have on the long-term budget with the European Parliament and the member states. If not, then the chances are that it’s only on the very last minute to the end of 2020 a compromise. ‘Then comes the first year of the Erasmus programme (in 2021, ed) is in danger. This could mean that one million Europeans do not go abroad to study, and that hundreds of thousands of projects on education, training, youth and sport not on time start’, warns the Commission.

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