Coco Austin gives toddler breastfeeding

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The wife of Ice-T, Coco Austin, admits that they are still breastfeeding to their daughter Chanel. That her daughter is already almost three years old, find the model not very.

Coco Austin and Ice-T

Coco posted a picture on Instagram where the blonde clean, while Chanel on her breasts. “I follow a number of pages on Instagram for powerful mothers, and I truly love the inspirational pictures that they post showing how much love there is between a mother and child is, they may or may not are breastfeeding. I am happy that I am part of.”

Had the 39-actress already know that most of the women coming through their pregnancy, but that Chanel all the fat from her has sucked’. “Chanel is my living liposuction! I used to be much fuller, but by Chanel, I fell off. I have my whole life to become pregnant,” jokes Austin.

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