Christina Aguilera: ’Kanye West is sympathetic’

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While half the world about his controversial statements, falls, continues to Christina Aguilera to emphasise how sympathetic they are Kanye West. The controversial rapper has a number of songs for the singer produced, but his talent was not the only one where Christina of under the impression this was…

Christina Aguilera

“Everything Kanye says, makes for fuss and I want to me not at all in the mix. I know him as an artist, and he inspires me as an artist,” says Aguilera to Entertainment Weekly. “When we got together in the studio, sat down and with my music were doing, he hit me really. He understood exactly what I wanted.”

“He is on the first place an artist, an artist. And you don’t always agree with the artists. I am very happy with our meeting, we really had a click, and he is very good at what he does. I find him really sympathetic.”

Her new album, Liberation, has clear hip-hop influences. “There is nothing better than a good hip-hop beat. I see myself more as a journalist than as a pop star. Soul is where my heart is and I’m inspired by that.

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