Charlie Sheen wants to reboot ‘Two And A Half Men’

689c91ad0b46906fd92ea88bf41bf463 - Charlie Sheen wants to reboot 'Two And A Half Men'

The one his dead is another his bread. American actor Charlie Sheen smells his chance now for the American tv show ‘Roseanne’ of the Us transmitter from the ether is removed after a racist tweet. “Why not a reboot of ‘Two And A Half Men’?”, thus he suggests on Twitter.

The American ABC network has decided the popular show of Roseanne Barr is no longer to transmit, after a racist tweet from the presenter. They tweette that Valerie Jarrett, a former adviser to ex-president Barack Obama, a “cross of someone from the muslim community and “Planet of the Apes'”. The transmitter was not light on the message and stops the broadcast of her show.

Now there is a hole in the schedule, and think that Charlie Sheen is good news. “Adios Roseanne. Hashtag Not Winning. Goodbye.”, tweeted Charlie. “The way is now free for our reboot.”

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