CELEBRITIES want to press Israel to Gaza

474ac7f3ebdcfb9c16a7ee83a9e31cf8 - CELEBRITIES want to press Israel to Gaza

THE HAGUE – Ninety Dutch and 37 Dutch organisations call upon the government to bring pressure to bear on Israel to the blockade of Gaza to end.

Former minister Jan Pronk, a Dutch writer Jan Siebelink and priest Antoine Bodar.

The signatories of the call, saying that in Gaza a humanitarian disaster strikes. Because of the blockade, there are major shortages of clean water, electricity, health care, medicines and other basic needs.

Among the signatories of the call are the former ministers Hedy d’Ancona, Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst and Jan Pronk, the priest Antoine Bodar and the writers Jan Siebelink and Rosita Steenbeek.

The occasion for the call is the coming of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla to the Netherlands. That is from Scandinavia left and through Europe to the Gaza strip to sail. With the action want the Flotilla aid to mobilise for the lifting of the blockade.

For safety reasons, suggested Israel eleven years ago a blockage in the coastal area of Gaza.

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