Cast Roseanne reacts to riot around Barr

A number of colleagues from Roseanne Barr has responded to the controversial tweet, the actress Tuesday placed and the end of their series that followed.

Sara Gilbert, Alicia Goranson, Laurie Metcalf , Michael Fishman, Roseanne Barr and John Goodman

Sara Gilbert, daughter Darlene played and the driving force behind the reboot of the show, let us know on the post of her televisiemoeder and other messages of Roseanne repulsive. “That do not reflect the belief of our cast and crew again, or anyone else connected with the show. I am on z’n mildly put, disappointed in what she has done.”

The comèdienne (65) fell in a tweet a former adviser to ex-president Obama. Roseanne makes an allusion to the Afro-American background of Valerie Jarrett and her religion, islam. “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes have a baby-vj”, tweeted Trump supporter. That produced a storm of criticism. A love sent excuse-tweet from Roseanne was not enough for ABC network, that exposure to stop with the sitcom Roseanne.

When that news was announced, let Sara know very sad to see the events. “This is very difficult for all of us, because we have a show have created what we believe, where we’re proud of and that the public would like to see it. A show that is separate from the opinions and statements of one castlid.”


Emma Kenney, who her daughter plays in Roseanne, let us know that she, her management called to make it clear that they resigned in the series, when they heard that the sitcom was cancelled. “I feel strengthened by everyone at ABC who have risen up against that abuse of power. Bullies will never win,” said the 18-year-old Shameless actress.

Also Michael Fishman, who for the reboot of his role of son DJ picked up, let us. “I’m devastated. Not because it’s the end of the show, but for everyone out there with heart and soul has worked,” says the actor, who writes the statements of Roseanne emphatically to reject. “Our show aspired to different backgrounds and opinions, to embrace with an open dialogue. We must stand up against prejudice, hate, ignorance and intolerance.”

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