Cast Doctor Deen is climbing Mont Ventoux

A part of the cast of the tv series Doctor Deen is climbing the Mont Ventoux to raise money for the fight against the incurable disease. Actor Leopold White is one of them and goes on the bike to the top. By back problems, he could the last couple of weeks not training for the Tour du ALS, the actor says from France.

Leopold White

Leopold White (59) plays in Doctor Deen, the role of the to AS suffering Oscar of Liesschoten. “I have not trained well enough. The last three weeks I have not able to ride a bike after I get through my back was gone. But before that I was well on schedule, with courses in Dutch headwinds,” says Leopold. “I am a mooiweerfietser. I find cycling fun and have a way too nice bike, I’m very keen on.”

Leopold is not the only BN’er who want to reach the top of the famous turns into a biking area, at over 1900 m altitude. Also, actress Lisa Smith and actor Geert Lageveen going to stand on the pedals. The rest of the present cast of Doctor Deen goes to walk to the top. That are Markoesa Hamer, Pepijn Schoneveld, Liz Snoijink and Rian Gerritsen. “Together we form a Team Doctor Dane,” says Leopold. The team has already 5.857 euros was raised for the Foundation AS the Netherlands, but more sponsors are always welcome.

No fun

“We have not jointly trained, but we are these days with each other in one house, just like on Vlieland was the case during the filming of Doctor Deen. There, I rejoice very much.”

Leopold knows where he is to begin. He played in 2015 will have a leading role in the Dutch movie Ventoux, the film adaptation of the novel by Bert Wagendorp about four middle-aged men who are together again on their road bike the Mont Ventoux climb. “I have several pieces of cycled up and down for the pictures. We have then also for ourselves, the whole piece cycled. It’s no fun.”


Leopold has to prepare for his role in Doctor Deen several IF patients meet. “For me to live into what it means to be the disease undergo. One of them is the late Erik Kamphorst. His disease course has the model stood for my character Oscar. I had a very open and honest conversations with Erik. It was moving and wonderful encounters and I as a complete stranger all kinds of questions. I found it to be very special, also from man to man. His wife, Esther, I now have deelnemersbordje of Tour du AS inherited. That I will make my bike hang out. I bike for him, Esther, and their children. But also for the many volunteers who joined the foundation AS concerned. With heart and soul they put themselves in to AS patients to help. I bike so that their work can continue to do so.”

In addition to the cast of Doctor Deen take Monic Hendrickx, Loek Peters and Martijn Fischer participated in the seventh edition of Tour du ALS.

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