Caro Emerald ijdeler by motherhood

154e633c28718545d6a784716590507e - Caro Emerald ijdeler by motherhood

Caro says that she ijdeler has become since her mother is. Between breastfeeding want to the singer again, and a woman feel.

“In the past, finally I am home quite often in sweatpants, but funny enough, I am ijdeler since I became a mother am,” said the singer in Margriet Wednesday.

“I want me between breastfeeding by women feel. Paint my nails, I wear nice jewelry because they make me feel good.”

When the singer broke through, it felt to her as if she was at all kinds of expectations had to meet in terms of her appearance. “Because my image of a pop star was not in conformity with what I saw in the mirror, put I additional make-up on. And another layer.”

“But as I got older and I myself as an artist hundreds of times had proven, I learn that style is not sitting in eyeliner or bright red lipstick. My self-confidence I get no more out of make-up but from mine.”


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