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Cardano introduces Release 1.2: exchange rate reacts positively to Updates

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The crypto-currency Cardano followed secretly and quietly presented their Roadmap, and driving forward developments under the leadership of Charles Hoskinson. The Marketing is rather restrained, so that many Updates received enough attention. Yesterday Cardano 1.2. released, the Community eagerly waited for.

Yesterday, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano has been known that Cardano 1.2. was released. Hoskinson has already announced in a Video a few days ago that the major updates relate to the Testnet, the Stakepools and the Delegation.

Cardano has two days ago, the KEVM Smart Contracts Testnet is launched. This step is considered an important milestone to test in the future, all the Bugs in a secure environment on the heart and kidneys. The Cardano Foundation explains that this will be an important step on the way to the Blockchain 3.0 (freely translated):

The KEVM Smart Contracts Testnet is launched! Developers will be able to any application running on EVM, KEVM – This is a necessary step on the way to the block chains of the third Generation.

In addition to a whole series of extensive Updates, which can be read here, was also the creation and security is a problem of the Wallets (R120-4) and the Daedalus issue fixed. According to the latest Version, the error message appeared, often “connection to the network failed” (CBR-282, R120-17).

Of course, reacted under the positive and verzeichenete an increase of 15,31 per cent within the last 24h. With a market capitalisation of 4.6 billion euros Cardano space 7 of the biggest Cryptocurrencies in the world.

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