By politiekogel killed toddler buried

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BRUSSELS – The 2-year-old Iraqi-Kurdish girl who two weeks ago died in Belgium by a suspected stray politiekogel is Wednesday buried in Brussels. The hearse was during the trip to the cemetery, accompanied by a silent march of hundreds of people dressed in white. Many of them wore a white rose.


The black-clad parents went ahead. The parents and organizers had called for a modest procession, without speeches or political messages.

The girl, Mawda, sitting in a van in which about thirty people were crammed, among whom are still some of the other children. People smugglers wanted to take them to the United Kingdom. During a politieachtervolging in the south of Belgium, solved an agent for a shot, causing the child died.

The parents of Mawda lead the way in a silent procession.


To the exact circumstances of the incident pending an investigation. The parents are allowed during that time to stay in Belgium. They now live in Brussels thanks to the support of citizens, report of the citizens ‘ platform for Support to the Refugees.

Of many sides is called them a definitive residence permit, but the government does not want to.

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