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Bitcoin rate staggers sideways; Ripple and a strong

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Since the launch of Bitcoin Futures on the CME of the Bitcoin dropped course temporarily by up to 40% and seems to go through a major correction. Since 22.12.2017 the exchange rate fluctuates constantly between € 11,000 and 12,500 euros and is pulling the entire market down with it.

On 16.12.2017 (2 days before the Start of the CME), reached in the Bitcoin all-time high of 16614,25 Euro. The launch of the Futures had a strong negative impact and led to a decline up to 10246,77 Euro. The course of the Altcoins proceeded almost in parallel, and thus indicates the dependence of the reserve currency BTC to all other currencies in the crypto market.

Given the incredible Rally of the past few weeks a decline in this level seem to be quite as healthy and sustainable. A further correction would fall in the course of a further 20% or 30%, would also not be surprising and would fit in the picture of the current development of the crypto market.

Unusually strong and stable and has shown the crypto-currency Ripple in the last few days. The positive news, as well as the continued use of the XRP-Token seem to affect the price positively. On 21.12.2017 1:00 PM by Ripple broke for the first time in the 1.00€-mark and thus sets a new resistance brand to break through.

Contrary to the Downtrend of the market of the NEM-Coin has shown in the last few days. The NEM-course was yesterday recorded a new all-time high of € 0.95 and increases surprisingly, and continues with the Rally of the last few weeks. If the strong Trend can be continued, showing the next days and week.

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