Bianca Debaets: ‘To airport staff involved in the fight against genital mutilation’

a677c11ec1521db216ab8d42b2665c19 - Bianca Debaets: ‘To airport staff involved in the fight against genital mutilation’

Brussels state Secretary for Equal Opportunities, Bianca Debaets (CD&V) is going to contact the federal government and with the offices of the various airports in our country, to make them aware of the problem of girls who to their country of origin taken to be circumcised. That said the secretary of state during a press conference about the theme in the buildings of Child & Family in Brussels.

“We know that the holiday is at the door, a risicomoment is because a lot of families back to their country of origin with their children. The children who threaten to become a victim of circumcision, ” she said.

Debaets see salvation in a method that also in Sweden and England, is applied. ‘We suggest that girls at risk of genital mutilation to undergo on a spoon in their slip stitches. The vast majority of the mutilations done in the country of origin. If they are at the airport, they will make the metal detector can not pass.’


‘The customs officials can then take advantage of the opportunity to get the girl away from her family to interrogate and to catch. I know this is unorthodox looks but we should dare to think of innovative solutions for such difficult detectable phenomenon that hundreds of girls mutilated’, it sounds.

The state secretary stressed that action at the airport, only the last step in the fight against genital mutilation. She sees a large role for Child & Family, general practitioners, midwives, gynaecologists and nurses. They get in Brussels since a few years training on the topic of to as alarm signals, to learn to detect. Since this year there are also training courses for police officers.

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