Benjamin spent not three but four people to

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Liège – Benjamin Herman appears to be the day before his terrorist act in Liège have murdered someone to have.

Wilmet (on the left) is the day for the terrorist act in Liege, murdered by Benjamin Herman.

According to minister Jambon has he Michael Wilmet in Marche-en-Famenne to life.

The head of the 30-year-old victim was terribly knocked about. Autopsy still needs clarity on the cause of death.

At first thought the police to be a runaway homejacking. But now, confirms minister Jambon that he Wilmet actually is killed by Benjamin Herman.

Wilmet was a well-known drug traffickers . He was, according to The Newspaper addicted to heroin. In 2014, he was allowed by the court in Marche with an ankle bracelet at home his penalty to sit out. His sentence ran last march.

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