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Altcoin-market analysis KW22 – Reversal or landslide?

ebe62f3b6c54c6783a19c2ea62f8a329 - Altcoin-market analysis KW22 - Reversal or landslide?

The total market capital fell to 281 billion euros. All crypto currencies of course had to cope with losses of at least 14 percent. In the case of TRON, it was even 25 percent. However, it looks like a Reversal in some of the crypto-currencies after a course reversal.

Name Price in € Market capital in €billion Change on last week % Course evaluation Support in € Resistance in €
Bitcoin 6.142,37 104,8 -13,84 more bullish 5.818,30 6.765,70
Ethereum 450,43 44,92 -24,09 neutral 448,37 542,48
Ripple 0,49 19,01 -16,18 rather bearish 0,47 0,57
Bitcoin Cash 775,28 13,3 -24,2 more bullish 726,00 966,60
EOS 9,61 8,53 -14,03 neutral 9,02 10,99
Litecoin 97,27 5,52 -15,25 more bullish 94,81 109,63
Cardano 0,17 4,3 -19,96 more bullish 0,15 0,18
Stellar 0,22 4,13 -18,03 neutral 0,21 0,27
TRON 0,05 3,37 -25,15 bearish 0,04 0,06
IOTA 1,2 3,34 -18,06 more bullish 1,15 1,41

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with the highest market capital, which is expressed in billion euros. For crypto-currencies, which are not currently directly in Euro exchangeable, the respective trading pair with the US Dollar as a Basis and converted into Euro.

This week, all of the crypto to the Top 10 rate currencies to absorb losses. Bitcoin, with a loss Rate of 14 percent is still comparatively good. If you take into account all the currencies in the Top 100, only six currencies with a positive balance.

The market capital dropped accordingly of 331 billion euros to 281 billion euros.

The structure of the Top 10 has changed slightly: To a Cardano fell under Stellar, the other alternated IOTA and TRON their seats.

On average, the Top 10 have fallen by 19 percent and so is performing worse than Bitcoin. No crypto-currency could cut off this week, better than Bitcoin.

However, all is not lost: Bitcoin is approaching the Support of the Triangle Pattern and many other crypto currencies have a beginning Reversal. Of course, each case is to be seen whether this is truly sustainable, you should wait for a Rise above the specified Resistances, before you opened a Long Position. The price should fall below the given Support, it would be a good time to Shorten.

Best price development: Bitcoin (BTC)

To speak with almost 14 percent rate of fall of a “winner” is almost a mockery, but the other currencies of the Top 10 have fallen even more. The price of Bitcoin continues to according to the Triangle Pattern. Although the stock price has fallen now below last week described a downward channel, but a small recovery is evident. Currently, the exponential moving will be tested at the end of the mean EMA50. Whether this Test leads to a success, is still unclear. It is established that, at the latest during the Test from the Support of the Triangle Pattern to the Bitcoin course a crucial question.

The negative, but rising MACD and the RSI at 54 speak to an overall more bullish language. This assessment is confirmed by the divergence between price and MACD. For a Long Position it is still too early, rather one should at least a Bounce off the Support at 5.818,30 Euro, possibly even a Rise above the Resistance at 6.765,70 Euro wait. The Target in such a Long Position would be the Resistance of the Triangle Pattern, which is currently approximately 7.900,59 euros. As a Stop Loss, the said Support can be used. The Support should be broken, can be opened up to at least 5,000 euros a Short Position.

Worst course development: TRON (TRX)

In spite of the coming Main-Net-launch TRON is Falling. Since last week, followed an upward trend has been broken, as well as the rate fell in the last week estimated Stop-Loss. Although a slight Rebound is evident, this is still well below the exponential moving averages, EMA50 and EMA100.

A negative and a falling MACD , and an RSI at 41 and overall lead to a bearish impression. Before the price fell clearly below the Support at $ 0.06, you should not choose a reckless Short Position. The daring can put on the General Rebound, and the above-mentioned Support as a Stop Loss and the Resistance at $ 0.07 as a Target.

Stability of the Top 10

Again, the battle rages on, primarily on the rear seats of the Top 10: Cardano has now fallen behind Stellar back, however, the two crypto-separate currencies, with only four percent. Also, TRON and IOTA to deliver continues to be a head-to-head race. They are only separated by 8 thousandths of each other. The other crypto of the Top 10 currencies, disconnect at least 20 percent. Similarly, NEO would have to increase by at least 22 percent, to overtake IOTA.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all crypto are like currencies by 20 percent. The majority of crypto-currencies has been performed so it is worse than Bitcoin. For the Top 100, the Situation is almost identical: Here the prices have fallen by an average of 19 percent.

Even in this bear market, there were Krypotwährungen with a positive balance. Especially MyBit Token to fall in with +45% and cyber miles with +20 percent. As more known crypto-Asset with a positive balance Bitcoin Private, can boast a rate increase of 11 percent. Loser of the week Bytecoin is. This crypto-currency has had to cope with a loss of 39 percent.

A total of 79 percent of the crypto-currencies within the Top 100 with a worse Performance than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin to rise slightly and is now 39 percent. All those, however, have a low market capital to rise within a week in the Top 10.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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