Also #MeToo at Greenpeace

The environmental organization Greenpeace has admitted that female employees had to deal with sexual misconduct by members of the board. Ex-workers demanding the resignation of the local management in South America.

In march 2018, enough was enough for the 44 ex-employees of Greenpeace. They wrote a letter to the international executive board. It was a study set up to investigate the allegations. Writes that the magazine ‘Vrij Nederland’.

The complaints are mainly for the address of Martín Prieto, director of the Andino-department in Buenos Aires. The women say that Prieto in the office porn watched with the sound on. He also approached women almost naked on a business trip. Women of his department were encouraged to use their ‘sex appeal’ to campaigns in the market, were paid less than men and could not make the most of their moederschapsrechten.

Director Prieto was on non-active status, but rather were complaints handled internally. That is, according to the women, saying that ” the complaints in the cover disappeared’. Former director Eugenia Testa was dismissed when they complain, just like other women. Prieto should not, according to Greenpeace return, ‘unless there is evidence that he is not in accordance with the code of conduct has acted’.

Greenpeace came out already in 2012, discredited, after female employees in India witnessed sexual harassment. Then we had the local director resignation and various male employees to dismiss.

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