Again critic is murdered, again know Kremlin of nothing

Russia does not feel offended by the Ukrainian allegations that they were behind the killing of the critical journalist Arkady Babtsjenko sit.

Of course it will have been a coincidence, but sharp is sure. While the Dutch Foreign minister, Stef Blok, last night in the UN Security council, the Russians again the mantle uitveegde …

Of course it will have been a coincidence, but sharp is sure. While the Dutch Foreign minister, Stef Blok, last night in the UN Security council, the Russians again the mantle uitveegde about their lack of cooperation in MH17-file – ‘Russia must be light on the truth and her not constantly with mist disguise’ – was in Kiev, a renowned Russian journalist murdered. Immediately pointed all the fingers in the direction of Moscow, but there was the fog machine is set in motion.

Three bullets

Nevertheless, it is not strange that the murder of Arkady Babtsjenko (41) linked to the Kremlin. Babtsjenko was in the apartment building where he lived, in a pool of blood found. He would finish with three bullets. On the question of what the motive for the murder could be, said the chief of the police in Kiev that ” that is probably to be sought in the professional activities of Babtsjenko’. And then you come in Moscow.

Babtsjenko was one of the best known critics of the policies of Putin. He is especially critical for the military intervention of Russia in Ukraine and Syria. Babtsjenko knew very well that the Russian regime is capable of. In the nineties he fought as a soldier in the two dirty wars, which Moscow waged in Chechnya.

Bombs on Aleppo

Babtsjenko was therefore not easily frightened, but two years ago he found the threats of Moscow to be. “They are a very efficient tool, because they draw you mentally all the way out’, he wrote about it.

Concrete result of the campaign against him and his family, was his coverage of the crash of a Russian plane with on board the famous Alexandrov choir. They were on their way to Syria to give a concert for Russian soldiers. He mentioned Russia as an ‘aggressor’ and drew attention to the Russian bombings on Aleppo. Babtsjenko said that he and his readers it wished to show that dozens of children also were killed and that Moscow is not take it into account loved.

Navalni doubt not

Babtsjenko went first to Prague, then to Kiev. But also where it was not safe. “The regime of Putin has the low-down on those who are not intimidated can be,” wrote the Ukrainian mp Anton Gerasjenko immediately after the murder on his Facebook page. He was friends with the journalist. According to Gerasjenko was Babtsjenko shot in the hallway of the apartment building, when he went out wanted to go for a loaf of bread to buy. He was several times shot in the back.

The Ukrainian police are going to assume that Babtsjenko killed because of his journalistic work. That is also the conviction of the premier. “I am convinced that the Russian totalitarian machine to him, his honesty and his principled attitude have not forgiven’, was the message of prime minister Volodomyr Groysman. He is bijgetreden by the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni. “I have no doubt that this crime is the result of the political views and the journalistic work of Babtsjenko.’

Russian research assistance

Illogical the accusations are not. It is already the third murder of a journalist in Kiev in four years time. In 2016, it was Pavel Sjeremet killed by a car bomb. The year before that, the Ukrainian journalist Oleg Boesina murdered. They were also very critical for Moscow. The perpetrators are never found.

But in Moscow covered the allegations on a dead stone. Even more, the government will find it gradually enough, with these accusations at her address. ‘Arkady Babtsjenko was killed, shot in his stairwell. And the Ukrainian premier suggests immediately that the Russian special services are responsible for. That is very saddening, ” said minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov.

The chairman of the Russian parliament went a step further in the cynicism. He offered Ukraine any help in resolving the matter.

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