YouTube removes violent music videos

74d10cff900c5f363e9292faa470acb6 - YouTube removes violent music videos

The British police has YouTube asked dozens of music videos to remove that might contribute to that violent crime is increasing. Especially members of gangs are increasingly involved in steekpartijen and murders in Great Britain. Scotland Yard has therefore in the past two years, fifty to sixty times for the removal of a video.

The news agency Press Association reported that about thirty times at the request of the police is met. It is primarily to “drill videos”. That is a style that originally came from Chicago, where in the texts steekpartijen and murders in detail are described and glorified. It is also often enthusiastic about violence against women spoke.

There are also gangs that itself to create videos and using social media to spread. They compete with other gangs. Sometimes in the shooting members of other gangs with violence threatened. A spokesperson for YouTube has confirmed that the medium with the police and the municipality of London is working with in actions directed against the material of gangs that violate YouTube guidelines, or that are illegal.

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